Ethic Slow Fashion for the Goddesses of New Earth

Conscious beings who want the best for their skin. Natural fabrics, hand sown by women on the island of Gods, Bali.

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Timeless & Unique design

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Classic Dress Up

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Samadhi Collection Featured in ELLE Magazine

Samadhi is available at Wholesale & Franchise

Become a part of our Sustainable and Ethical Slow fashion brand and the change we want to see on new earth.  You can customize your order for your online shop & boutique, with choices of buttons and natural dyes. 

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ANUKET Shirt Dress

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Close ups

We style vintage with Samadhi

The bag is a handmade favorite of ours. We like the mix of natural leather to our timeless vintage inspired collection. They go hand in hand. 

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Take control

Of your temple, the bodymind. Our posture, breathing, nurture, thoughts, actions & how we dress.How do you want to present yourself in the new world? 

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Earth Colors

Our colors are inspired from nature. Mud, Rust, Rose & sand are earthy colors while Midnight Blue and Sky Blue are from above. We can also, on request, custom make your piece of clothing with natural dye.  

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Be the change you want to see in this world

Samadhi Collection is committed to using natural fabrics, small Woman owned manufacturing & plastic free packaging. 

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restaurant shop & villas

Samadhi Villas

You can stay in Samadhi Villas in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Samadhi has three beautiful and unique villas at different locations on the island. You can stay at Sunset with a private beach or up on the hill in solitude with epic sunset views. There is also the big villa in central where you can sleep 5 people.

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Restaurant & Coworking space

Gift your body, mind and soul with nutritious food, creative atmosphere and good vibrations. The menu is vegan and vegetarian, recipes and experiments from my own kitchen with the aim to find a balance of energy and nutrients in what we feed our bodies with. 

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Samadhi Sustainable Shop

In the restaurant and coworking space we also have a shop where all of our stock of spices, oils, legumes and dried fruits are on display. It is a self service food shop where you can buy everything you need per gram and in brown paper bags instead of plastic. 

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  • Hand made on the island of Gods

  • Samadhi works with one small privately owned factory in Bali.
  • Good vibes only

  • The vibration of the factory & the people creating are of outmost importance to Samadhi.

Hand made on the island of Gods

Samadhi works with one small privately owned factory in Bali. Read more

Good vibes only

The vibration of the factory & the people creating are of outmost importance to Samadhi. Read More

Burning Man

It's a hand dyed silk scarf from Japan and it's vintage. Originally used as a belt for the kimono. This piece of clothing is a must have in your wardrobe. 

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Natures elixir

Blue Pea & Blueberry

Blue pea flowers helps you feel happy. It literally fights anxiety. They are also rich in antioxidants just like blueberries and they both aid your heart, brain and blood that flows through your body. If you add lime or lemon to the blue pea tea or elixir the ph level changes and the color turns to pink. Try it!

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Mint & Passion fruit

Mint has an antibactriel and anti- inflammatory power and is also rich in nutrients. It also helps with digestion even improves brain function. Passion fruit is a good source of vitamin C and boosts our immunity, vision and skin. It's also full of antioxidants witch keeps our blood flow intact and cleans our blood. 

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Rosella, Strawberry & Cranberries

Rosella is full of antioxidants and vitamin C of course. It helps with lowering blood pressure and keeps your liver healthy. It also aids with menstrual cramps, depression, digestion and weight management. Strawberries are also good for your heart and blood sugar control. 

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I love my stripy ANUKET tunic, it´s soft, comfortable and makes me want to wear it again tomorrow! Thank you Samadhi Collection, you have got a new fan. 

Danica Badovinac

My mother and me bought three beautiful pieces from Samadhi Collection and we absolutely love it. The material is soft and light. We feel so young and fresh when we wear them. The price is just right for what you get as the material is great quality. Couldnt ask for a better service, they were directly delivered to our home. 

Mary Rapone

The quality is much nicer then others that I have spent a fortune on. Just wish you had a shop in seminyak so that I could try everything on!

Martha Maria Kutyla-Smith