Natures Elixir Kombucha


Kombucha was something that I drank myself and did interest me in the past. But it wasn't until I suddenly had more time for being creative that I started making my own and experimenting in the kitchen. 

I started with blue pea flowers that grow in my garden and have now expanded to roses, lavender, peach blossom and carnation. It's one of the most beautiful and high vibrational things I have created. The flowers are so beautiful and is a constant reminder for me of heaven. I mix different flowers with different fruits and flavors and the result is mind blowing and mouth watering. 

It's an elixir of longevity. Beneficial for the heart, brain, gut, blood and battles diabetes as well as heart diseases. It also aids with detox and the blue pea flowers are full of antioxidants and good vibes. They aid anxiety and nurture you from within. 

Personally I don't drink alcohol anymore as it doesn't do my body and good. Instead I drink these homemade elixirs made from flowers and fruits that heal my body and taste divine. 

In Samadhi Restaurant we serve the seven colors of the rainbow, each connected to the color of the chakra in your body. Come by when you are in Gili Trawangan, to try your own elixir. 



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