Samadhi Villa in Gili Trawangan, a unique space designed for you who love light.


SAMADHI VILLA, was created and built as a light and airy house with high ceilings and big windows. 

The kitchen and living area is made as one big open space so that you can socialize while cooking at the kitchen island. Through the big windows you can  and see the vegetable garden area in the front of the villa and the private backside outdoor area next to the kitchen. 

There are three private bedrooms and three big terraces to enjoy solitude or dinner together with friends and family. 

The interior design is a mix of antiques from Indonesia, carpets from India and furniture the creator made. The art is from the 1800-1900's and some pieces are painted by customers through the years. 

To book the villa or check availability  follow this link to airbnb or send us an email.

Samadhi Sunrise, a tiny living space on the hill of gili Trawangan, In bedded in nature and epic views the ocean and of Rinjani Mountain, the vulcano in Lombok. From here you can enjoy sunrise every morning of your stay.


SAMADHI SUNRISE, is a tiny living house that started out as a lightbulb moment and expanded into creating a space of freedom. Everyone said that it was impossible to build a house on the hill. How mould you get electricity and water up there? 

Nothing is impossible, there is always a way if you are determined enough. It did take a whole year and an earthquake but eventually the tiny living space was ready to live in. 

The almost 16 kvm is well planned and fits a small bedroom downstairs and a bathroom. The kitchen and living room area has a high ceiling and many windows so that you can see the beautiful big tree outside and the ocean below. Above the bedroom is a loft with a queen sized bed and even more epic ocean views of the gili islands.  

Behind the house there is a vegetable plantation that you are welcome to harvest and enjoy the fruits of as a customer. There is also a lot of blue pea flowers growing here that we use for our Samadhi Restaurants kombucha. 

At 6.00 every morning you can enjoy a bliss full moment of sunrise and all it's beauty. If you want to catch the sunset, it's just a short walk over the hill to the sunset side, through the forrest where you can encounter the deer. If you are lucky you might meet the white deer that lives wild in our forrest. 

To book the villa or check availability follow this link to Air bnb or send us an email.


Samadhi Sunset is currently being created. It's a private beach house built with antique Javanese re - cycled wood and a lot of light and windows. 
The perfect spot for a honeymoon with your beloved or yourself. A sacred ceremony, yoga or a wedding. 
You can lay here in a hammock all day if you like. If you need to work, there is of course wifi. In the evening we can make a big bonfire for you to barbecue your dinner by the ocean or you can cook in the equipped kitchen. 
The private beach villa will be available in August 2020.
Email for inquires.